Bed Toppers & Mattress Pads

Comforter ShotUsed in Europe for many centuries, Bed Toppers add a luxurious cushion to any bed or can be used to update older mattresses for improved comfort and support. We also offer Mattress Pads that provide hypoallergenic comfort and valuable mattress protection.
Traditional Featherbeds

We use only the softest small feathers and the cushiest down so that our Bed Toppers provide the additional comfort and support.

Down-Topped Featherbeds

Our Down Soft Beds have a dual layer for maximum comfort and support. The bottom layer provides support and is filled with Feather Select, a premium blend of small soft Feathers and hypoallergenic Down. The top layer provides soft, cushy comfort and is filled with our select quality European Down.

Mattress Pads

Our mattress pads provide soft, hypoallergenic comfort while protecting your valuable mattress. Filled with Insuloft Down or MicroMax™, the Supreme Down Alternative. 230 T.C. Cambric Cotton Fabric and Reversible for long-lasting wear. Available with a 16" deep-fitted fully elasticized skirt. Easy care.
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